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Dropy, the first DropShipping solution between e-merchants.

Dropshipping is a method where you sell an item that you don’t keep in stock, then the item is delivered directly to the end-customer by the supplier. In just a few clicks, you can connect your shop to Dropy and sell products from other e-merchants, without having to purchase them and hold them in stock. Each time you sell one of these products, the e-merchant that has the physical item dispatches it directly to the end-customer. That’s dropshipping in a nutshell!

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Clear your unsold stock and boost your sales.

With Dropy, you too can become a dropshipping supplier by posting your items on our platform. With a single click, other e-merchants can then sell your items on their e-commerce website, just like their own products. For each sale, you’ll receive a direct notification in your e-commerce CMS and can process the order like any other.

Dropy will then take care of debiting the e-merchant that sold the item, and crediting you with the selling price, after deducting Dropy’s margin.

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Sell more, sell better.

Dropy helps you increase your sales – but most of all, it prevents you from losing sales! What can be more frustrating than paying for an ad, and then missing out on a sale simply because you no longer have the item in stock? With Dropy, you’ll never have this problem again. 

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All the powerful benefits of a marketplace, but with none of the restrictions.

Dropy makes it very easy for you to benefit from the fast growth in the marketplace sector! With Dropy, you don’t need approval from the national banking authorities, and you don’t have to use a restrictive and costly payment management system to convert your site into a marketplace. 

You’ll find it really simple to sell products from other merchants and set your own margins.

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Take advantage of Dropy’s network to distribute your products without having to approach each reseller individually.
No more needless marketing expenses and restrictive agreements with distributors.
Thanks to Dropy, you can now market your inventions without risk, while keeping full control of the situation.

Technical and financial partners.

Join the BETA. Thousands of products already available on dozens of sites. Dropy is 100% free and always will !

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